Interested in being a Host?  Put in the effort to organize a workshop in your area and you can build your kayak for free, all materials included. If you don't need a kayak but love to organize things then get in touch and we can work out a commission so you can get paid to be a Host. The minimum number of builders for a hosted event is 6 including the host; a commission is paid for each kayak build after 6 to a maximum of 10.

There are 2 main steps to host a workshop, Finding a location and finding builders. There will also be a bunch of minor steps once it gets going. Through the whole process I'll help you out with each step the best I can but as a host local to the area I'll rely on you to be ready to help as the unanticipated comes up.


Finding a workshop location is much easier for you living in the area then it is for me. It might be as simple as using a space you already have but if you don't have easy access to a workshop here are the requirements to get your search started.

Each kayak build requires a space approximately 1.5 meters (5 feet) by 6 meters (20 feet) with a little extra space overall for a couple of work tables. It's nice to have everyone in one big space but as long as they are close together separate rooms will work. 

The space needs to be appropriate for the season. An enclosed well lit and heated space in the cold months in a must. The heat can be provided by a construction heater if needed as long as it can maintain a fairly constant room temperature for the skinning process. The ability to maintain a minimum of 15C (60F) is a must. In the warmer months protection from sun and rain is required and the ability to secure the kayaks in the off hours should be considered.

 The work space should have some power. Most of the building process is done without electric tools but it's still a nice convenience. A couple of extension cords is enough but if you have the perfect spot without access to power let me know and we can work something out.

When searching for a space consider places like:

·       Workshops, barns, outbuildings.

·       Community centers or schools.

·       Wedding venues in the off season.

·       Large boat houses.

·       Outside under tents or tarps in the warmer months.

·       Place an ad in the local paper and Face Book.


 Skin on Frame Kayaks are quickly gaining in popularity and it's not difficult to get people interested in taking classes once word gets out. I'll provide a basic information package for you to send out and some suggestions to where to start. Each community is unique so look around and you will probably find ways to let people know that aren't on my list.

 To start finding builders start with places like:

·       Local kayaking and small boat groups.

·       On line at sites like Facebook and Meetup.

·       Woodworking clubs.

·       School groups and clubs.

·       Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Sea Cadets type groups.

·       Bulletin boards.

·       Community markets.

·       Ads in local papers, craigslist, kijiji, etc.


 The average price is about $1650 per builder but there are variables that can affect the cost of a build so setting a firm price at this point is difficult. Once you sign up as a host and we begin the process I will be able to set a price per builder for you to advertise. I will bring all the required materials and tools for the classes as part of the set price.


 When convenient I stay with the host, a spare room is great, a warm shed or barn might work. I try to travel with a van or small camper when I can and then it just comes down to a place to park. Either way it's something we'll talk about after you sign up.

 Some builders might be coming from a distance and although it's not your responsibility your local knowledge will be helpful to figure out the best accommodations as needed.


That covers most of the basic information. Email me if hosting is something you would like to do and we can start t0 work on the details.