Christmas Build 2015

I ran a frame build class over the Christmas holidays. We are building just the frames for now and will follow up with the skin and goop once the weather becomes more reasonable around April. Sometime between now and then we will steam bend the coamings and get them ready for the skinning day.

Below are photos of the end of day one progress. One of the great things about this type of building is it doesn't take long to see what you are making and that keeps you inspired. Even though some of these parts aren't lashed on yet things are moving along nicely.

Day two mostly involved working on the deck, bow and sterns. The shapes are adjusted partly for personal preference but mostly to flow with the shape of the kayak; it all needs to work together, forcing it is a sure way to make an ugly boat. As you can see the 15' kayak has a Baidarka style stern with a rounded front deck and the 17' one has a peaked front deck and non Baidarka stern. Both have flat Greenland style rear decks.

Day three for the 15' kayaks has the chines being lashed on and small detailing work to finish up the frame. There were two people working on this one so it was finished up quickly. A realistic time line for a one person build is about 4 days to finish a frame. The other kayak will be finished up soon with one more day of work.