Introducing the Squid

A 12 foot long, 23lb/10kg Skin on Frame Kayak kit that almost anyone can build over a couple of weekends with just a few simple tools. All the wooden Frame parts are included and pre-cut from high end sustainable Baltic Birch plywood. Ballistic Nylon Skin and Polyurethane coating from the Skin Boat Store, the best choice for long lasting strength/durability are supplied as part of the kit as well. Also included are the Deck Straps, Stainless Steel Screws, and parts needed to hold the frame in position while building. Detailed and illustrated instructions come with every kit.

Combining traditional styling with modern design and cutting technology I've created this kit to take most of the complexity out of building a Skin on Frame Kayak. Much of the cutting, measuring, aligning and sewing has been minimized or removed from the process and no prior experience or skills are required. Much consideration for the first time home builder has gone into the process and it is by far the fastest and easiest way to build a kayak of this quality.

The size and light weight makes it a perfect fit for smaller sized paddlers in the 5'/110lb~150cm/50kg and under range. A great first kayak for kids to grow into it's also an excellent performing boat for experienced paddlers.

I've created a detailed illustrated set of printed instructions that comes with each kit. You can view the instructions here for a better idea of what's involved to build a Squid.

Currently being sold at Ocean River Sports & Adventures in Victoria BC or contact me directly for more information.



I can provide the plywood cross sections for any of the Skin on Frame kayaks we build plus any that you can provide plans/offsets for. The cross sections are computer plotted and cut on our CNC router for perfect symmetry and precision and minor changes can be made before cutting. We recommend marine grade fir plywood and do our best for a fast turn around. 125$ per set plus materials/shipping. 



If you've ever looked into building a Stitch and Glue plywood boat you'll know there is usually a long waiting list to get it shipped and the current exchange rate really adds to the price. I can offer as an alternative to cut the plywood parts from the plans you purchase from the supplier. Using my CNC router and the provided plans I can cut all the parts as precisely as the manufacturer and get them to you usually faster and less expensive. 

The plans can be from any of the popular providers but there are also free plans available. Before making the decision please contact me so I can review what will be provided in the plans to ensure I can do a quality job.



One great example of free plans that I offer kit cutting for is the Shrike by CNC Kayaks. It is a great Greenland style kayak with very detailed plans in multiple sizes which the designer provides for free.



It's not just kayaks, I'll cut parts for any type boat you can provide plans for. The canoe below was cut and built in my shop with plans purchased from Selway Fisher