Once I started using these sticks there was no going back to those spoons. Both styles have their place but for our Kayaks and what they are meant to do these are the paddles to use. There are many good paddle makers out there already and carving your own isn't too difficult either, so I'll just point out what makes ours unique. 


There's no doubt that Western Red Cedar is the best wood for these paddles and we're lucky to be surrounded by it in this part of the world. We mostly use high grade sustainable second growth wood. Old growth is available by special order.

Computer design and cutting allows for details that would be very difficult to achieve with hand carving. Here are a couple examples of non slip custom grips we can add. They work  especially well with gloves.

Except for the hard wood tips our standard paddles are made from single pieces of Cedar and keep the natural flex of the wood which is so nice when paddling. If you prefer a stiffer paddle or just love the look of laminated paddles we can make those too.

Your logo or personalized design can be carved to the tips and inlaid with epoxy. Looks great and will never wear off. The tip shape is also customizable, and we will work with you to create one of a kind unique designs.

Our paddles are cut on a CNC router for precise symmetry, balance and shape. We can replicate the shape over and over or make minute changes. Hard wood tips are added to the cedar before the paddle is cut making for near perfect seams.

Each paddle is sized specificity to you and your kayak. The blade and loom thickness, and lengths are custom cut. We also make matched sets with a storm paddle and will sell them finished or unfinished.

Prices begin at $250 for a basic paddle, $450 for a set of paddle and storm paddle. Add $50 for carved designs or tip logos (I need to see the design to make sure it will work before committing to cutting it)