The joy you get paddling a kayak that you know intimately because you made it, the pride you feel when you take it anywhere public and people gather to ask questions, the sense of achievement and confidence gained from what you have accomplished are all things we value greatly. Not everyone is ready to start building from scratch so let us help you get started with one of our all inclusive kits.

At Made Kayaks we love making things and work hard to help others do the same. We create modern, fuselage-style Skin On Frame Kayak kits that are lightweight, durable, and easily built. Using our CNC Router to cut perfect fitting parts and advanced design innovations our kits are by far the easiest and fastest way to get paddling your own SOF kayak.

The driving force behind what we do is helping you build your own kayak. We work hard to develop new building techniques and provide almost everything needed for your kayak; measuring, cutting, building strong backs, sourcing materials is our concern so you can just build and get on the water. A typical built from scratch SOF kayak can easily take 70+ hours and that doesn’t include sourcing the materials. A Made Kayaks kit can be ready to paddle in around 30 hours* ~ that’s 40 extra hours of being out on the water paddling for you.

Simplicity, it’s not easy. To make a kit that’s easy for you to build we create multiple prototypes for each design. For ease of building, individual parts can become complex and require precise tolerances but that’s what we do so you can build with confidence. All kits come with fully detailed step by step illustrated instructions and support is just an email away.

You will notice there is currently no “Store” or “Buy Now” options on the website. A kayak is a personal thing that needs to fit both the user and the use so we prefer to be involved to ensure the kit you want will meet all your requirements. Filling out the form on the Contact page is a good way to begin or jump right to the kits if you prefer.

*build times vary of course but 30 total hours is a proven and reasonable amount of time.