Squid kit, Stapled Skin, Naturally Aging Skin Colour, Nylon Deck Straps.

Squid kit, Stapled Skin, Naturally Aging Skin Colour, Nylon Deck Straps.

We offer a few options when ordering kits to help fit your needs. Each is explained below, please read through the options and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. I will email you back and confirm the order and price (including shipping if you include an address).

Squid ~ Standard Kit $1000.00

All standard kits come with a Strongback, all Frame pieces, Nylon Fabric & straps, Urethane Coating and SS Screws. All wooden parts are sanded and and edges rounded; the parts will come to you ready for staining. With the exception of a few items like glue, tape and stain you get everything you need to build a ready to paddle kayak.

Squid ~ Rough Kit $900.00

The frame parts are provided right off the CNC machine, there are tabs to cut off, some sanding and edges need to rounded. A vibrating saw, band & drum sanders and a small router with a 1/4” roundover bit are the best tools but it could also all be done with hand tools.

Squid ~ Stained Kit $1100.00

If you don’t have a place to stain the frame pieces or you just don’t want to do it we’ll do it for you. All frame pieces will arrive pre-stained in your chosen colour and ready to assemble (with the exception of the Floorboards, Seat and Coaming Ring which will be urethane coated during assembly).

Squid ~ No Skin -$150.00 (subtract from above choice)

The standard kit comes with fabric and urethane coating to skin the kayak, with this option receive the frame only.

Personalization ~ +$30.00 (add to above choice)

Want to add your kayaks name to the coaming rim or maybe just a simple design? Let us know what you would like and we’ll add it.

Colour Options ~ Included with skin

The natural fabric will turn a nice yellow colour with time but you can choose to add colour if you choose. Pick one of the Earth Pigments below to tint the urethane before applying it. Please note you will lose some of the natural translucency and earth pigments don’t create bright/intense colours. You can read more about the process here.

product - rare earth pigments_big.jpg

Name *
Text or Design cut into Coaming ring.